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Here’s To 2015: Getting A Major Hair Upgrade For The New Year

by Venus Wong
Jan 15 2015

“New Year, New You” might seem like a cheesy catchphrase to some, but there’s truly no better time than the present for self improvement. To start things right, you’re probably thinking of purging your home and setting lofty career goals. So, why not give an upgrade to your look too? Determined to make 2015 the…

Get the Chrissy Teigen Golden Globe Ponytail!

by Julie Kim
Jan 12 2015

Last night at the Golden Globe Awards, a photo of Chrissy Teigen became the world’s fastest meme after the camera got a shot of her crying as husband, John Legend, won a Golden Globe.  With all eyes on her, we can’t help but notice her “beautifully unstructured high ponytail” as Stylist Director Kevin Lee called it…