Monthly Archives: April 2015

Get Céline Hair for Spring!

by Julie Kim
Apr 15 2015

It’s has been one year since the opening of our flagship, Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, at the iconic Loews Regency Hotel on 61st Street and Park Avenue in New York City.  Since the opening, we have tripled our staff and developed over 200 salon and spa services. To celebrate our one year anniversary, our…

Get Kate Moss Wedding Hair

by Julie Kim
Apr 08 2015

The goal: Kate Moss’ highly coveted wedding hair.   Yes, her wedding was in 2011 and we still haven’t forgotten about her hair. Hair designer, Lucie Ducrot, shows us how to recreate this style.  Watch this video to see how it is done! Finish the style off with a touch of hairspray and  Julien Farel…

#TooYoungToGray: 7 Facts About Aging Hair

by Julie Kim
Apr 01 2015

As Julien Farel would say, “It’s inevitable.  As we age, our hair ages too.” Many of us keep a strict regimen of our skincare products. After all, the first thing you look at when you see someone is their skin.  But, then again… what about your hair?  It’s true that if your hair looks good,…