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How to prepare for a marathon by Massage Therapist Gregory Pike

by Julien Farel
Apr 14 2016

As running season approaches it is a must to prepare your body for especially if you’re a long distance runner. We asked Gregory Pike, a massage therapist at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, and author of Sports Massage for Peak Performance, to share tips on how to train for marathons. 1. What are the…

Jackson Simmonds Talks Creativity, Sleek Hairstyles and Hair Comebacks!

by Julien Farel
Aug 19 2015

This #WisdomWednesday learn about comeback hair trends, sleek hairstyles and blowouts from one of Julien Farel’s advanced stylists, Jackson Simmonds.   1. What is your favorite hair trend right now? My favorite hair trend right now is the disconnected cuts for men, which are short on the side and long on the top. It reminds…

Master Trainer Christine de Almeida Gives Nutrition Tips & Workout Advice!

by Daniela Richani
Aug 12 2015

This #WisdomWednesday get workout advice and nutrition tips from master trainer Christine de Almeida, your not-so-average French fitness fanatic. 1. What is your favorite workout trend right now?  I believe in implementing variety of training while working the body 360 degree. The key to a successful workout is gaining strength, endurance, flexibility and eating the right nutrients in…

Master Barber Jeffrey Yabut Talks Men’s Grooming

by Daniela Richani
Jul 29 2015

This #WisdomWednesday we introduce JF Men Master Barber and Men’s Specialist, Jeffrey Yabut. Read about his favorite men hairstyles, haircare advice and his fascinating career path! 1. What is your favorite hair trend right now? The undercut is making a great comeback! It is a very trendy and fashionable style that works with every occasion….

Irena “Red” Sandker Talks Red Hair Maintenance & Eyebrow Tips!

by Julien Farel
Jul 22 2015

This #WisdomWednesday, we interview eyebrow extraordinaire and nail technician, Irena “Red” Sandker. Red was deemed her nickname due to her vivacious red hair color and even more lively personality. She shares her eyebrow tips, favorite nail trends and must-have products.  1. What is on trend for eyebrows? I love eyebrows that are full and arched….