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The finest details make all the difference.
Marylisa Diaz
Makeup Artist
Marylisa Diaz began her career as a Visual Stylist for the famous Bloomingdale's windows in New York City. She created the looks of the mannequins through hair and makeup. When Mac Cosmetics arrived at Bloomingdale's, Marylisa was passionately drawn to their counter because the brand introduced makeup as an art form. Marylisa pursued a career with Mac and learned the art of makeup application for 6 years. After visiting the Julien Farel Salon (formerly located on Madison Avenue), she knew that she was meant to start her career here. Beginning as a freelance makeup artist at the Julien Farel Salon, she also used her creative talents to design the salon's Christmas windows. After working with the Julien Farel Group for 10 years, she has mastered the finest details of makeup artistry to bring out the most beautiful you. Marylisa is praised for her talents in bridal, business meeting makeup, makeup lessons, fashion shows and specializes in airbrush as a Kett Cosmetics airbrush artist trainer.