Monthly Archives: June 2014

One of the Boys

by Julien Farel
Jun 26 2014

With the menswear shows underway in Milan, out comes everyone’s favorite street photographer Tommy Ton, documenting the looks in and around the shows. It seems like the cool summer has made way for the ladies of Milan to experiment with menswear inspired suiting. Bright colored, highly tailored blazers in the most lux of warm weather…

The Long Bob a.k.a LOB: Then and Now

by Julien Farel
Jun 25 2014

The LOB is the long, grown out version of the popular BOB. Julie Christie, from the movie Shampoo (1975), was the original trendsetter of the LOB with an ultra-sleek, curled under look complemented with severe bangs creating an intense shape. This style with a modern twist has become the newest hairstyle for celebrities such as…

Beach Hair Without the Sand

by Julien Farel
Jun 24 2014

Julien Farel stylist Davis Feliz provides a step-by-step tutorial to achieve a natural beachy hairstyle all summer long! 1. Combine Julien Farel Anti-Aging Vitamin Smooth for frizz control and Julien Farel Anti-Aging Flexible Gel for lift and texture. 2. Apply to the hair and comb thoroughly to maximize distribution. 3. Section your hair and twist…