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Best Salon Treatments for Dry, Damaged Hair

by Christina Gerald
Oct 29 2015

Is your hair color zapping the moisture out of your hair?  If so, here’s our guide to the best hair treatments at the salon to boost your hair with shine and moisture.  Read on to see what you should book for your next appointment. RESTORE TREATMENT WITH BLOWDRY What it is: a cleanse, treat and…

Extend Your Hair Color
Vitamin Restore
Vitamin Restore

Is There Any Good Way to Go Gray in Your 20s?

by Marin Cogan
Oct 27 2015

“You have great hair!” I thought she said. It was eighth grade, and I was in the principal’s conference room for a student-council meeting when she leaned toward me with great interest. “Thank you!” I blushed. One of the other students sitting next to her shifted uncomfortably. “It’s probably from art class,” he said. “I…