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Aging Hair Starts Younger than you Think

by Julia Manewith
Jul 29 2014

My biggest fear of aging is about my hair. I always thought that I was invincible to hair damage and I would never experience hair loss, but it’s real and it’s happening to me. My entire life I’ve had fantastic hair. It’s not too thick or thin, and it’s manageable. I say “volume,” and my…

Combating New-Mom Hair Loss

by Julien Farel
Jul 25 2014

So, for at least 2 trimesters, you were glowing. Pregnancy hormones gave you beautiful skin and growing, healthy, shiny hair. The ugly truth is that it doesn’t last. It’s not enough that you now barely have time to squeeze in a shower every day, or that your beauty regimen is down to practically nothing. Now…

Heat, Humidity, and Hair: Styling in the Summer

by Julien Farel
Jul 16 2014

We all wish there was an easy answer to keeping our hair completely frizz-free, bouncy, and smooth during the grueling summer months. The whole summer doesn’t have to be a string of bad hair days, though. Even when it’s muggy and humid, and you feel the sweat drip down your back, your hair can still look…

A Simple Trick To Make Your Hair Healthier NOW!

by Julien Farel
Jul 08 2014

Brushing your hair may be the most thoughtless task in your day-to-day.  Many people use any hair brush within arms reach without giving it a second thought. Did you know that using the wrong brush could be damaging to your hair and scalp’s health? Replace your old brush with a boar bristle brush and your…

Beach Hair Without the Sand

by Julien Farel
Jun 24 2014

Julien Farel stylist Davis Feliz provides a step-by-step tutorial to achieve a natural beachy hairstyle all summer long! 1. Combine Julien Farel Anti-Aging Vitamin Smooth for frizz control and Julien Farel Anti-Aging Flexible Gel for lift and texture. 2. Apply to the hair and comb thoroughly to maximize distribution. 3. Section your hair and twist…