Aug 12 2014

It happened gradually. Then suddenly. My shower drain was getting clogged a few days a week; I was noticing it all over my bathroom floor, tangled in my brush, on my pillowcase. My hair was everywhere! And as each day passed, my ponytail got skinnier. I panicked.

I turned to the internet and googled for hours. Website after website told me it could be the result of my diet, stress or medication; hormonal issues, pregnancy or a genetic condition, or it could even be caused from excessive hair brushing, ponytails and hair color. Basically, the only thing I could rule out on my own was pregnancy. This did nothing to calm my nerves… and probably made more of my hair fall out.

After a visit to my doctor I learned I was perfectly healthy. Of course that was good news, but I was left with no answers. So, I started talking to the women in my life and reading blogs, and the more I found out, the more convinced I became that I was losing my hair because of my stressful move back to NYC 3 months earlier. I learned that this kind of hair loss resulted a couple of weeks to a few months after a stressful event, and that it would grow back. Thankfully, it did.

I took it into my own hands and created a plan to first reduce stress and make sure I was maintaining a healthy balance in my life. I walked to and from work, started to take Biotin supplements after discussing it with my Doctor, and started using Julien Farel Hydrate Restore on my hair 2-3 times a week. First I noticed that my hair stopped falling out (about 4 months after it started), and within a couple of months of starting my new regimen I started to see new growth. It’s been a year and although I don’t have the same head of hair I used to, it’s growing vs. falling out, and it’s shiny, healthy and getting stronger. In fact, people have been saying that my hair has never looked better.

With our modern lifestyle being go, go, go this seems to be a growing experience for a lot of women, especially in their 30’s and 40’s. Who knew that stress could take such a toll on our hair. Just as we persevere and become stronger with every stressful experience, so will our hair!