How-to: Great Lengths Hair Extensions with Shab Aghajani

Ever wonder how extensions are applied? Watch the full process with Shab Aghajani ,NYCs Great Lengths hair extension specialist and allow us to take the mystery out of Great Lengths- the 'Rolls Royce' of hair extensions.

Great Lengths is a strand-by-strand method that can be worn for months at a time and done continuously. Each tiny strand matches the existing density of your own hair. This means every application is custom-tailored to each client. This ensures no stress or damage on the hair or scalp. They come in a wide range of colors and effects to match your exact existing color.

The process is broken down into the following steps:

  1. Prior to appointment day, we have a lengthy consultation. Desired hair length, amount and colors are determined
  2. Strands are cut and colors blended to match your existing color and density
  3. On appointment day, hair is gently clarified to remove all impurities and build up on the hair to ensure long lasting attachment.
  4. Hair is dried and extensions are added one at a time in organized horizontal rows around the head. Kept away from you hair line and the very top of the head, extensions are invisible.
  5. Extensions are cut to either match your existing cut or to create a completely new style.
  6. Hair is finally styled using any tool be it a blowdryer, curling iron or flat iron.
  7. The maintenance consists of nothing more than daily brushing at the attachment area of extensions.
  8. Hair remains attached until removed by me. They last anywhere from 3-4 months depending on your hair type.

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