How-To: "No Makeup" Makeup with Kathy Genchi

How-To: "No Makeup" Makeup with Kathy Genchi

Makeup; most women wear it, not all woman love it. Makeup can become heavy and sticky throughout the day and in some cases, can even cause break outs. Despite its disadvantages, makeup has consistently been an essential part of almost every woman’s daily routine since Egyptians first started wearing copper and lead ore around their eyes to impress the gods. We’ve come a long way since then and styles continue to evolve overtime. The newest trend is the “no makeup” look consisting of neutral tones and very little dark contrasting colors around the eyes and cheeks.

Julien Farel Make Up Artist, Kathy Genchi says “The “no-makeup” makeup is for the women who want the look of effortless beauty. This is highly recommended look for the warmer seasons. It all begins with good skin care and light color correction of the skin imperfections. Makeup is then used subtly to enhance the eyes and a rosy glow is given to the cheek. You will have a beautiful polished look. This look is perfect for any women who wants their inner beauty to glow!”

The look is now being worn by the top celebrities to the hottest events and is perceived as a more “high fashion” look. It’s simple and chic and can be done well with very little effort. Stay fresh and clear this summer by trying out this refreshing new look! Follow the step to achieve your effortless beauty.

How-To: "No Makeup" Makeup

  1. Start by prepping the skin with Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Moisturizer, as well as Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye Cream underneath the eyes.
  1. Applying only where your skin needs it – use Eve Pearl Crème Foundation to even out the skin tone.
  1. Use an Eve Pearl Highlighter and apply to the bridge of the nose, cheekbone and above the brows. This will highlight your features where the sun would naturally hit.
  1. Use Bobbi Brown Crème Shadow in a natural color like “Shore” and apply to the lid.
  1. Bobbi Brown Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is applied using the tight lining technique – or only applying to the inside top of the lid - giving definition and lift to the eyes.
  1. Waterproof Mascara is applied only to the top lashes.
  1. Small amount of Eve Pearl Concealer is applied only where you need it and under the eyes to help even out the skin tone.
  1. Apply bronzer to the cheekbone for a natural pop and follow with a crème blush on the apples of the cheeks for a natural flush.
  1. Choose a natural lip color that is very similar to your own lip color, Kathy used Bobbi Brown Rose Pedal Lip Color on Bree. Lip balm is then applied to seal the lipstick to give it more moisture.
  1. Finish with Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Oil to give the skin a hydrated glow.