Q&A: Steven Fernandes, Advanced Stylist

1. What is your favorite Julien Farel Product? My favorite products are the Magnifique Fortifying Hair Serum and Restore. I really love Restore. I use it on myself, my mom has it, and my entire family is using it. It’s just easy and it makes sense. I like it better than the power dose because Restore actually works. The hair feels good after you use it and it’s noticeable. It’s great not only for dry damaged hair but it is also excellent for the scalp. It keeps it clean and moisturized with the hyaluronic acid and the hair vitamins it has. 2. What is your favorite thing about participating in the US Open? My favorite thing about participating in the US Open is probably the contest leading up to the US Open where we get to partner up with each other, come up with a hair concept, and then we have an hour to create it. I like the collaboration between the staff and this year it was Amanda and we came in second place! 3. How does facial structure correlate with the hairstyle you choose to create? It correlates because they have to work for each other, not against each other. Facial structure is essential for me to look at or any stylist to take into account because often times what the clients sees when they look in the mirror is something totally different than what I see. For example, I have a client who likes to bring in a picture of Kiera Knightley, but what I think she would be happier with at the end of the day, is if she brought in a picture of Lena Dunham; Her hair color, hair type and her face shape is more like Lena’s than Kiera’s. Lena has some of the best cutest fashion forward haircuts that I’ve seen on any Hollywood actress so that’s where I go and thankfully she leaves happy every time. 4. What differentiates a good hairstyle from a great one? Well, for a client, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the difference between a great and a good one is if they can recreate the look at home easily and effortlessly then you’ve got a great haircut.

5. Any tips for keeping hair healthy and stylish in the winter?

In the wintertime we don’t have the ease of washing and going. I think all of our mothers and grandmothers tell us you can’t go outside with a wet head so we do end up blow-drying, curling, and styling it more. Honestly, I think it’s coming into the salon maybe a week sooner for your maintenance haircut, you know, keeping those ends healthy, strong, and not letting them get too weathered because that will create that knotty lump in the back. I’d recommend maintenance, taking it easy, not over styling your hair and keep using Restore. 6. What hair trends do you think we will see in the red carpet during award season? I wouldn’t be surprised if women go shorter. I know the trend has been, even I feel last year’s award season, you saw a lot of women cutting their hair, and I think that will continue this year. I think women are ready to free themselves of their hair extensions, the long red carpet tendrils, and the Rapunzel look. Although you sort of need that length for significant up-does and significant braids but I think in terms of ease and being more modern, I think women are going to go a little bit shorter. Book an appointment with Steven here.