Sakara co-founders on health, beauty, and wellness

We sat down with the two co-founders of Sakara, an organic meal delivery program based on the science behind a plant-rich, gluten-free, superfood diet, to find our more about their beauty, health, and wellness routines this holiday season. 1. What’s your daily beauty routine like? Danielle: We both try to use as many clean, natural products as possible. Right now I’m really into the Active Botanical Serum from Vintner’s Daughter. And I’ve always been a fan of RMS. Whitney: It’s not a beauty product per se, but taking a daily probiotic is definitely one of our beauty secrets. Healthy gut bacteria are key to clear skin and what finally got me off heavy-duty prescriptions for my acne! I’m also a big fan of daily dry brushing to keep my skin soft and glowing. 2. When did you realize it was time to start Sakara and why? Danielle: Whitney and I grew up in Sedona, Arizona, which is spiritual, wellness mecca, really on the forefront of the mind-body connection. So we grew up with this appreciation for the healing power of food and holistic, herbal remedies. We like to say that Sakara actually started when we met in the 7th grade. Whitney: We both moved to New York to pursue our respective careers—I was working on Wall Street and Danielle was studying biochemistry and medicine, and acting/modeling on the side – and completely fell out of touch with how to nourish our bodies. At the time, I was struggling with cystic acne I just couldn’t beat, and Danielle was caught in a vicious cycle of crash dieting…Eventually we got together and used our shared knowledge to create plant-based eating plans for each other that were truly life changing. We knew we had to share it, so we spent the following year studying with every eastern and western doctor, nutritionist, specialist we could get our hands on to create the most healing and effective meal program out there. And Sakara Life was born! 3. How do you keep your hair healthy? Danielle: Not washing too often…and actually, not brushing too often either. Your hair’s natural oils will keep your mane bouncy and shiny! Whitney: And eating plenty of healthy fats and plant-based protein to keep it shiny and strong! D also makes me homemade dry shampoo, which is a nice extra boost. 4. Can you share with us your favorite Sakara meal? Whitney: I love the Youth + Beauty salad because it’s filled with hydrating fresh fruits and veggies. Eating your water is the key to a healthy, sexy Sakara glow! Danielle: I can’t get enough of our Sweet Thai Oatmeal with Kaffir Coconut Mylk! I’m not a huge breakfast person, but that is one I always have space for. 5. How do you suggest we keep a healthy diet during the holiday season? Whitney: Allow yourself to enjoy it! But do it mindfully. Make sure you’re eating your greens every day, stay hydrated (by eating, not just drinking, your water through hydrating fruits and veggies), and get enough sleep and enough movement that your body feels GOOD. When you incorporate these practices into your life as much as possible then you can get away with a treat here and there. Make your indulgences count…choose your favorite dessert on the table or order your favorite cocktail, sip it slowly, and enjoy it! No stress. Stress messes with digestion, which is the last thing you want. Danielle: Of course, having Sakara meals delivered to your doorstep guarantees you’re getting your daily greens and sticking to a healthy eating routine even when the holiday party circuit gets hectic. It’s the best to come back to in between holidays and parties, so your body can bounce right back. 6. How do you de-stress? Whitney: Sakara CBD Chocolates! They have 2mg of pure cannabidiol oil, which is a natural chemical compound in the hemp plant that helps with anxiety, stress and inflammation. Danielle: They are game-changers. We’re also big fans of Epsom salt baths and sweating it out in the Higher Dose infra-red sauna at Sakara HQ! 7. What are your beauty goals for 2017? Whitney: To finish cleaning up our beauty routines so everything—or mostly everything—we use is made with trustworthy ingredients that aren’t associated with any potential negative health effects. Credo Beauty is a great resource for clean products! Danielle: Do another no-makeup month. I did one a couple years ago and not only was it so good for my skin, I felt really connected to my body in a way I hadn’t in a while. For more about Sakara click here.