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Eve Pearl 6pc brush set

  • Eve Pearl 6pc brush set

EVE PEARL 6-Pc Personal Brush Set


EVE PEARL 6-Pc Personal Brush Set is designed and chosen for you by Eve, this set will help you achieve desired looks quickly and easily. Comes with Makeup bag to keep your makeup and personal items in place. All 5 brushes help complete the full-face makeup application and/or touch up in less time while easy to carry with you in the makeup bag. The bag’s size is compatible to keep your makeup and necessary tools in one place as your personal makeup kit.

How do I use it?

EVE PEARL 201 Dual Contour Blender Brush – Use for applying and blending cream and liquid foundation, the brush shapes work with the curves of your face as you SMILE creating contours, highlights, giving your face balance with a flawless coverage.

EVE PEARL 204 Dual Fan Highlighter Brush – Use for applying blush and powder. Fan brush shape designed to apply and blend easily in the cheek area. The dome side using on any precise application needed.

EVE PEARL 102 Concealer Brush – The Professional synthetic concealer brush is firm and tapered at the ends. It is perfect for spot applications like under eye area, minor blemishes and T-Zone area.

EVE PEARL 107-Mixer/Blender Brush – The long, fluffy, natural hair brush with a tapered end design is perfect when used in the crease area to blend out the crease and smooth out the contour and any hard edges.

EVE PEARL 109- Brow/Spoolie Brush - A double-ended synthetic brush designed to use for creating definition, liner, to fill in and enhance eyes and brows.


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