JF Beauty Help Desk

The Julien Farel Group can provide confidence and advice for reopening upon the expiration of the current stay-at-home order. This helps to insure that necessary protective measures for beauty employees and customers are in place.

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JF Beauty Help Desk

JF Beauty Help Desk

For Salon Customers

  • Is everyone required to wear masks in the salon, both staff and customers?
  • Are you taking temperatures for both staff and customers?
  • Are you practicing social distancing?
  • Are you able to book appointments early or late, if I would like to be there with as few people as possible?
  • Do you make housecalls, and if so, is there an additional charge over my usual service price?
  • Are you offering payment by phone or online, in advance, or mobile while in the chair—so I don’t have to stop at desk to checkout?
  • Are you taking any new cleaning measures with the salon or your hair capes?
  • Is your staff wearing gloves for all services?
  • Can I bring my own nail tools? If so, what do I need to buy?
  • Can I bring my own make up and brushes with me?
  • Is there anything specific I should know before coming into the salon about changes?
  • Are there any service not available right now due to the virus? (i.e. lip and chin waxing)