JF Beauty Help Desk

The Julien Farel Group can provide confidence and advice for reopening upon the expiration of the current stay-at-home order. This helps to insure that necessary protective measures for beauty employees and customers are in place.

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JF Beauty Help Desk

JF Beauty Help Desk

For Salon & Spa Owners

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COVID-19 has brought so many unexpected, unanticipated challenges during these trying times. We are fortunate to have a 19 year old business with a corporate structure, weekly team / executive meetings & brainpower to help! As our "pay it forward" please send info as requested below and we will reach out within 48 hours. Also, our CEO is available for 30 minute complimentary consultative Zoom meetings beginning Wednesday, May 13th, 2020.

Please note all submissions and Zoom calls will remain confidential.