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The Julien Farel Group can provide confidence and advice for reopening upon the expiration of the current stay-at-home order. This helps to insure that necessary protective measures for beauty employees and customers are in place.

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Julien Farel
Stylist, Founder & Chairman
Alina Novikov
Advanced Stylist
Miguel Estrada
Director of Education
Atsuko Tanaka
Advanced Stylist
Andre J. Davis
Hair Designer, Hair Extension Specialist
Lucie Ducrot
Hair Designer
Mike Liang
Advanced Colorist
Aidan Harty
Senior Colorist
Marie Leppard
Senior Colorist
Irina Krasovskaya
Nail Technician
Oksana Shenker
Lead Aesthetician
Jackson Simmonds
Advanced Stylist
Stefana Marinescu
Aesthetician, Men's Grooming Specialist & Advisor
Marylisa Diaz
Makeup Artist
Kevin Lee
Style Director
Elizabeth Mergler
Advanced Stylist
Rudy Pena
Colorist, Curl and De-Frizz Specialist
Marris Ambrose
Color Director
Sandrine Bucarelli
Senior Stylist
Gynna Cayambe
Kety Vladuca
Aesthetician / Senior Eyebrow Specialist
Raphaël Mauriello
Mike Higgins
Fitness Trainer
Mark DeVincenzo
Hair Designer
Abby Haliti
Balayage Expert
Lila Carlino
Advanced Colorist
Kathy Genchi
Makeup Artist
Louis Angelo
Hair Designer
Antonina Dutu
Steven Fernandes
Advanced Stylist
Aizhan Sembayeva
Junior Stylist
Olivia Beyer
Senior Colorist
Dawn Furini
Patrick Ferrara
Senior Hair Stylist
Ling Li
Massage Therapist
Kate Matthius
Lead Massage Therapist
David D’Alessio
Massage Therapist
Gregory Pike
Massage Therapist
Jasmin Rainieri
Senior Colorist
Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Stylist
Victoria Gheorghias
Senior Eyebrow Specialist
Hiro Araki
Anjolie Clark
Advanced Stylist
Microblading & Permanent Makeup Specialist
Jamie Hudacko
Makeup Artist / Aesthetician
Estela Mendoza

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