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Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQ

1.) I have a Keratin treatment – can I use Julien Farel RESTORE?
2.) How should I use the products to get even deeper moisture?
3.) Are the products hypoallergenic?
4.) Are they tested on Animals?
5.) Can Haircare be environmentally friendly?
6.) Are there restrictions for use of Julien Farel Haircare?
7.) How do I find the right product for me on your site?
8.) Can someone give me advice on your site?
9.) Isn't hair dead? Why do I need Anti-Aging Haircare?
10.) What is Hyaluronic Acid? What does it do for my hair?
11.) My stylist told me that coloring my hair “strips my hair & scalp of its health.” Is that true?
12.) Can you actually reverse hair damage with these products? Or does it have to grow out or be cut?
13.) My hair is frizzy…What will help me?
14.) How do I choose which products are best for me if I have multiple concerns?
15.) I have really oily hair---I wash every day… Is there a way to reduce oil?
16.) My color fades super fast. How can I reduce fade? How do I keep my blonde from becoming brassy?
17.) I am thinning around my hairline – and I am young…Why?
18.) I don’t understand why my volume is greatly diminished. What will help?
19.) How do I continue heat styling AND improve my hair’s health?
20.) What's the difference between fine, medium and coarse hair textures?
21.) Where can I find Julien Farel products?