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The Julien Farel Group can provide confidence and advice for reopening upon the expiration of the current stay-at-home order. This helps to insure that necessary protective measures for beauty employees and customers are in place.

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A lightweight, 100% natural boar-bristle round brush for styling long hairstyles for hair length beyond the elbow. Made in L'Oise, France and handcrafted from rare African Bubinga wood for superior quality and lasting durability. For centuries, each brush has been custom-made to exact specification. This brush gives lift at the roots, sets curls, and helps smooth unruly hairs near the hairline. It is handmade with boar bristles that are unevenly cut to better grip your hair from the roots, protect hair from tangling and smooth the cuticle, enhancing your hair’s natural luster. The finished wood handle & lightweight design allow for easy maneuvering when styling, straightening, and adding volume. Available in 5 sizes: Extra Small (1,25in), Small (1,5in), Medium (2in), Large (2,5in), Extra Large (3in).
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Made in Italy.
A palm-sized, round edged comb safe for detangling wet hair. This travel sized comb gently glides through to smooth and detangle hair. A grooming essential for all hair types and lengths. Comb measures approximately 3-3/4" x 2-3/4.

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