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Julien Farel Sculpting Gloss is the best pomade for creating a textured, defined look with a high gloss finish. It's a classic pomade with cutting edge technology to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and in place. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol, this hair gloss conditions to smooth strands for a brilliant, glossy finish. • Featuring A2B (Anti-Aging Balance) Technology, this classic pomade offers anti-aging benefits to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. • Protects against the damaging effects of heat styling and environmental elements • SLS and Paraben Free. Color Safe. Dermatologist Recommended.
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A revolutionary Anti-Aging hair serum formulated with cutting edge technology to delay the graying process. Powered by the Julien Farel Hexapeptide, Magnifique Delay The Gray Hair & Scalp Serum stimulates and enhances the pigmentation process by boosting melanin levels to slow the graying of hair and improves hair's youthful texture and appearance. This quick absorbing, water-based serum acts as a youth elixir to energize thinning hair and sustain healthy hair renewal. It also nourishes follicles and improves hair texture with intense hydration. • Echinacea + Edelweiss Stem Cell Extracts energize and sustain healthy hair renewal • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates deeply in to the layers of the scalp and hair • Ideal for hair thinning or hair weakened by stress, over-processing, environmental damage or seasonal change. • SLS, Paraben, Silicone and Cruelty Free. Not tested on animals. Color Safe. Dermatologist Recommended.
Formulated for frizzy, coarse and curly hair, De-Frizz Restore is an all in one anti-age shampoo that cleanses, treats and conditions hair in a single simple step. Stimulate your scalp and nourish your follicles with our proprietary formula to effortlessly restore your hair. Julien Farel De-Frizz Restore shampoo has our highest level of moisture featuring premium ingredients to deeply hydrate hair. Utilizing A2B (Anti-Aging Balance) Technology, our patented delivery system feeds the most potent fusion of revitalizing ingredients proven for optimal hair health and youthfulness. • Grape Seed, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils fight frizz and block humidity for hair that is as smooth as it is manageable • Hyaluronic Acid adds lightweight moisture for softness and manageability while creating a protective barrier around hair • No harsh chemicals such as SLS and parabens. Color Safe. Dermatologist Recommended. • De-Frizz Restore does not lather and replaces shampoo and conditioner on its day of use
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*We have updated our Zero Frizz products to be even better with the new De-Frizz Family! Fight the frizz with De-Frizz Condition for flawlessly smooth and shiny hair. Formulated for frizzy, curly and coarse hair, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil deeply moisturize to soften and control unruly textures. Moisture balance is maintained with Hyaluronic Acid, keeping hair hydrated. Blocks humidity with anti-oxidant protection for long lasting, frizz-fighting smoothness. Paraben Free. Color Safe. Dermatologist Recommended.
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