3D Collagen Shock Facial by Natura Bissé

If you feel like your skin needs a rejuvenating boost for summer and you want to see a visible lift without down time, then now is a perfect time to try our new anti-aging 3D Collagen Shock Facial by Natura Bissé. With the first ever use of the exclusive ingredient, 3D Matrix, your skin will receive three levels of collagen: micro, medium, and macro, in order to deliver a potent combination from the dermis to the surface layer. This miracle cocktail also includes amino acids, proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid to help strengthen skin elasticity and boost collagen production. The skin is immediately more plump and full.

Using 3 strategic steps to sculpt and redefine facial contours, this new facial experience reveals firmer, healthier skin with an incredible lifting effect. First, the Natura Bissé Contour Optimizing Gel invigorates the skin, leaving a tingling freshness as the increase in cell oxygenation allows a veil of silicon to absorb into the skin. Second, after the face is noticeably lifted and stimulated, the Active Face Contouring Technique massages the three types of collagen into the skin to promote a natural contouring your everyday makeup tries to imitate. Third, in order to finalize the facial’s radiant effects, the essential shock mask filled with green tea antioxidants and pineapple will seal in all of these amazing ingredients,

The results will leave your skin looking and feeling firmer, softer, more hydrated and red carpet ready. Try our new lifting 3-D anti-aging facial on your next salon visit and leave feeling and looking truly refreshed and noticeably younger!

Watch a hyper lapse of the service below!