5 Tried & True Tips For Styling Thinning Hair

Tip #1: When you begin to notice signs of thinning hair, consult your stylist or dermatologist to learn how to treat the condition and style your hair so it looks its best. Tip #2: With thin or thinning hair, it's all about creating volume. Use products that expand the cuticle for a quick fix. Volumizing products like Julien Farel Inflate Volumizing Balm, mousse, roof lifter, and dry shampoo give extra volume and lift. Tip #3: A hair dryer can be your best friend or your worst enemy when your hair is thin or thinning. Use on low to medium heat. Avoid pulling at the root to add volume and use a diffuser to help give it shape. Tip #4: Depending on hair texture, layered cuts can work well to create dimension. In some instances, the opposite is true. Hair that's one length with strategic layers can also add volume. Consulting with your hairstylist is key. Tip#5: Color is a fantastic tool and choosing the right shade is extremely important! Darker shades play up the contrast between hair and scalp, while lighter shades can help camouflage thinning. Color also expands the hair shaft making it thicker in diameter, adding volume.