6 Hair Myths

We asked Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa's Style Director Kevin Lee to give us his input on 6 popular hair myths of all time, here's what he had to say about each: Myth 1: If you pull 1 grey hair, 3 will grow back in its place. Simply by pulling one grey hair, you will not promote more grey hair growth. The truth is if you have noticed one, you will begin to see more because you are now looking for them. We do have a product, Magnifique Fortifying Hair Serum (currently only available at Bergdorf Goodman's Beauty Level), and although it will not completely stop the growth of grey hair it can help reverse it in some cases. It stimulates the pigmentation process by boosting melanin levels to slow the graying of hair and improves hair’s youthful texture and appearance. Myth 2: Color will damage your hair, and you will lose your natural shine. When coloring hair the hair cuticle is open in order to manipulate the color, which can cause minor damage--- especially if in the wrong hands! With the proper hair care regimen you can help reverse damage...and although it may not be your 'virgin' hairs, it may look and feel even better than before. At Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa our hair colorists such as Jeremy Carta, recommends getting a Gloss application every 4-6 weeks in between color to give the hair a “translucent shine, depth and dimension without the use of harsh chemicals.” Myth 3: Cutting your hair more often will make your hair grow. Cutting your hair more often will not make it grow, however by dusting the ends regularly you can maintain a fuller looking hair. Regular hair trims can actually trick the eye and make the hair seem longer, healthier, and thicker. Myth 4: You should brush your hair 100x a day. While brushing your hair can stimulate the scalp and follicle, as well as detangle the hair, over brushing can cause friction, which may actually be damaging to the hair cuticle-- this could lead to breakage, lusterless hair and fizziness. Julien Farel’s small brush, which is sold at Restore Salon & Spa doesn’t break your hair and is great for travel because it is small in size. Myth 5: Using a shampoo that has a very sudsy, bubbly lather will clean your hair better. We all want a good shampoo, but the sudsy effect is not an indication of a great shampoo, it may contain detergent or sulfates to achieve that lather. Shampooing, if done correctly with a quality product, actually re-moisturizes the hair and scalp. Suds are ideal for your car or dishes, but for washing hair it certainly will strip your hair color. I recommend Julien Farel’s Restore hair treatment (you can use instead of Shampoo and Conditioner once or twice a week) because it cleanses, treats, and conditions hair. It is also color safe, SLS free, and Paraben free. Myth 6: You inherit male pattern baldness from your mother’s side of the family. There are many factors that play in MPB, but your mother is not to blame entirely. For a great number of men, if their father had MPB, there is likelihood that they themselves will have a similar hairline. It is important to understand a proper hair care regimen to maintain your hair and helps prevent loss. If all else fails, consult a hair transplant specialist (we recommend Dr. Robin Unger). For hair thinning, we carry Nutrafol supplements at Restore Salon & Spa, which are vitamins for hair growth and hair loss prevention. For appointments with Kevin click here.