8 Things We Learned From Dr. Doris Day

The Julien Farel team had the pleasure of welcoming Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day at Restore Salon & Spa last night for an evening dedicated to anti aging and rejuvenation. Dr. Day’s presentation titled “The Beautiful Face of Aging,” not only highlighted what causes aging but also informed the attendees on how to combat aging without plastic surgery. Dr. Day also recommended products to use for skin and hair that can help with anti aging such as Julien Farel’s ‘Magnifique Anti-Graying Fortifying Serum’ (available in-store at Bergdorf Goodman in the beauty level). If you missed the event you can watch the live stream here or read below our favorite Dr. Day quotes: “We’re so obsessed with this word ‘anti aging’ and I’m really not anti aging, I’m for aging successfully as opposed to aging helplessly.” “I think that aging gracefully is very powerful and that’s what I aim for.” “There are things that affect the skin and how you age. There’s sun damage, 90% of wrinkles come from sun exposure, leaving make up on your skin can damage your skin, pollution, stress, diet…” “One thing that you should never do is try to eliminate or chase a wrinkle. Getting rid of wrinkles is not always the goal, it’s about balance and harmony.” “The one thing that’s constant in your face that doesn’t change from birth to death is the distance from your two eyes. When we’re assessing clients to help look like the best version of themselves, it all begins with that distance between your eyes. That determines your proportion.” “My goal is for women to look better at every decade, so beautiful at 50, 60, or 70 is very different than beauty at 20. The better you are in your 20s and 30s, the better you will be in your 50s.” “The question to me is: is your goal to look younger or more attractive? I think that more attractive is the look. Most of the people who chase to looking younger often end up with no lines or wrinkles but they don’t really younger or more attractive.” “Just like skin, hair ages too. What happens to women, it starts in your 30s, is that you slowly start to have less hair density and each hair becomes a little bit finer and the texture changes. Julien Farel’s Magnifique is a regular part of my hair program.” *For more about Dr. Doris Day please visit her web site: http://www.myclearskin.com/ *To learn more about anti-aging for hair visit: http://www.julienfarel.com/science-of-hair/