Abby Haliti defines the "Power Highlights"

In the beauty world, we're familiar with the term “contouring” which is when makeup is used to perform optical illusions on our faces defining the cheekbones, jawline, and nose. Now there's also a way to contour our faces with hair. Yes, we can quite literally sculpt our faces thanks to meticulously placed highlights on a hair! This technique is called "Power Highlights " created at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa. I discovered this technique while doing Olivia Palermo’s Balayage and by contouring her cheekbones with minimal strokes of Balayage highlights around her face to enhance her beauty. Now is the perfect time to enhance your post-summer sun kissed hair with Balayage strokes around the face to freshen up your natural hair color. Remember less is more and "Power Highlights" has a big impact on your overall look. Our beautiful client Olivia Palermo is a perfect example of how I consistently paint her hair on top and bottom. Haircut by Andre Davis and Balayage done by me. Here are the steps that I take when doing a client’s hair color: 1. I observe the client (face, skin tone, etc.) 2. I ask her questions about haircuts and analyze the health of her hair 3. We share visionary pictures and I listen carefully to what it is that she desires, but again I take charge and simply guide her in the way that would suit her best and I'm very realistic when comes to hair color. 4. Consistency of the product is perfection, as well as swiftness of application (no dripping, no clumps). 5. It’s all about the placing the colors in certain areas that will enhance her overall look. Again, it's about quality! After finishing, always recommend hair products to a client just because after spending money in color it is important to prevent the color from fading. Protecting the hair color while blow-drying is "must”! Balayage hair coloring usually lasts 4 to 6 months so I recommend the client to come in for a Gloss application in between 6 to 8 weeks. For appointments click here.