How-To: Get the Perfect Beach Wave

Styling Assistant Tina Malhotra shows us how to create a deconstructed beach wave. All you need is a two-inch barrel curling iron. Achieving this look is easier than you think!

1. Begin by sectioning your hair away, to start curling the lower portion of the hair. 2. To curl, grab a small section of hair, open the clamp and wrap each section around the curling iron. Remember to curl away from the face. Start wrapping from the roots to the ends. Hold for 3-5 seconds, or until hair is heated to the touch, and release. 3. Continue through the lower portions and work your way up until all of your hair is curled. 4. Flip hair over and shake out the curls, to loosen them and give it a beach waved look. 5. To give your waves a soft and smooth finish, apply the Julien Farel Smooth Crème to your ends.