A date with Yulia Kim: 8 Tips to a Better Beard

Our JF Men client, Wil, visited Yulia Kim at our men’s only location to experience a Signature Shave and receive advice on how to keep his beard looking sharp! Here is your guide to a better beard from our lead barber, Yulia Kim. 1. Don't use the same size clipper everywhere. Hair grows at a different rate in different areas! 2. When shaving the neck and face, first shave in a downward motion and then upward. 3. If you want to keep your beard neat and clean, shave the neck starting where the neck meets your jowl. 4. The lower line of the beard at the jowl should be parallel to the line created at the cheek.

5. Use a clipper for quick mustache trims to make sure hair doesn't hang over the lip. 6. The best time to shave the skin is after showering. The heat from the shower preps the skin by opening the pores and softening the skin. 7. After, rinse with cold water to soothe sensitive skin. 8. Go to the barber for a shave service once a week or every other week. A week after Will experienced the JF Men Signature Shave, he said that his beard actually grew in better!