Best Salon Treatments for Dry, Damaged Hair

Is your hair color zapping the moisture out of your hair? If so, here’s our guide to the best hair treatments at the salon to boost your hair with shine and moisture. Read on to see what you should book for your next appointment. RESTORE TREATMENT WITH BLOWDRY What it is: a cleanse, treat and condition formula that gives instant hydrates, nourishes and protects. The instant result... hair with more volume and shine. Conditioning level (1-10, 10 = highest level of moisture): 3 Time: 30-45 minutes depending on length of hair Cost: $50+ POWER DOSE What it is: a quick protein moisture booster that transforms dry, color-treated hair into smooth and healthy strands. Conditioning level (1-10, 10 = highest level of moisture): 5 Time: 5-10 minutes at the sink, Cost: $40 4 STEP SMOOTHING REPAIR TREATMENT What it is: a fast acting, customized conditioning treatment that adds moisture and shine to dry, over stressed hair. Ideal for chemically treated hair, split ends and those who have keratin treatments. Conditioning level (1-10, 10 = highest level of moisture): 8 Time: 15-20 minutes, Cost: $75 THE DELUXE PPT HAIR TREATMENT What it is: the TLC your hair needs for luscious and luxurious locks! This deep conditioning treatment complete with a protein hair mask and steam treatment will breathe new life into your hair. Great for all hair types and especially helpful around seasonal change, we suggest this nourishing treatment to reinforce your hair for the ultimate in shine and luster. Conditioning level (1-10, 10 = highest level of moisture): 10 Time: 45 minutes with steam, Cost: $200