Get Céline Hair for Spring!

It's has been one year since the opening of our flagship, Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, at the iconic Loews Regency Hotel on 61st Street and Park Avenue in New York City. Since the opening, we have tripled our staff and developed over 200 salon and spa services. To celebrate our one year anniversary, our staff has accessorized their outfits with accents of our brand color, ORANGE! Feel free to drop by to see how festive we all are today! And, of course Hair Designer, Kevin Lee, created a signature hair style inspired by Céline Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear fashion show. Here is how to get it.

Here are the accessories we used. These are vintage belt buckles that Kevin Lee has collected, reminding you to think out of the box when accessorizing your hair!

Step 1: Separate hair for half up, half down style.

Step 2: Pull top section of hair through the top loop of hair accessory.

Step 3: Push the hair through the bottom loop of accessory.

Step 4: Secure! You can go about this two different ways. You can us hair pins.

OR, you can take a piece of hair from the pony tail and connect it to a piece of hair that is outside of the ponytail with a small elastic.

And your Celine-inspired look is complete!