Davis Feliz Talks Frizz, Style & Sports

We get to know Davis Feliz, a baseball player turned hairdresser and recently promoted to a Senior Stylist. 1. What’s your favorite part of working at Julien Farel? I love everything about working at Julien Farel. Julien is very hands on when it comes to his business. He is in the salon 6 days a week and is very present and involved with each and every employee and client. 2. Who is your style icon and why? Bruno Pittini. He was the creator of the new haircutting technique used by the best hairdressers in the world. His creative approach and precision cutting is infused in my technique. Vidal Sassoon will always be my inspiration. He broke hair boundaries with his creativity. He was the first to come out with different, edgy and precise styles of the time. He was a crucial part of making the hair industry what it is today. 3. What is your favorite hair trend right now? A lot of women are tending to cut off their locks for shorter styles. What is great about this trend is that short hair is a little more practical. They are easy to wear and extremely chic when done properly. 4. Provide one tip to fixing a bad hair day instantly. You can never go wrong with a ponytail. You can also use Julien Farel Smooth Crème as a light weight leave-in conditioner to tame the frizz. 5. What is something people don’t know about you? I was picked up by the Milwaukee Brewers as a baseball player when I was 19. I've always been a big fan of sports and love boxing. I even saw Jim Lampley at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa and had to snag a photo with him while his wife was getting services done. 6. What’s your favorite Julien Farel product? Julien Farel De-Frizz Restore tackles hair’s worst enemy – Frizz. It makes the hair more manageable and easy to style. It also leaves hair softer, especially in the summer when humidity enhances frizz. I always recommend this product to my clients who struggle with frizz. 7. What’s your favorite Julien Farel service to get done? I love our deep tissue massages combined with reflexology. When standing on your feet all day styling, it is important to take care of your body. Our massage therapists are truly 5 star. After a visit with them, I am ready to get back on the floor to do what I love most – hair styling.