Day 3 Hair: An Easy Stylish Fix to Even Your Worst Hair Days

Many of us try not to wash our hair every day to avoid over-drying the hair. Color Assistant Mara shows how to create a fun and stylish 'do that is perfect for lived-in hair on day three of not washing. All you need is pins, hair-clips and a comb! This every-occasion style is the perfect the way to turn a bad hair day into a chic hairstyle.

1. Begin by sectioning the hair like this on both sides.

2. Tease the bottom to add texture and volume.

3. Separate the hair in the back of the head into 2 sections.

4. Tie the two sections into a knot.

5. Once in a knot, pin each section to it's opposite side.

6. Tease the top portion of the hair.

7. Brush the hair over the teased portion and pin at the top of the bun.

8. Twist the hair framing your face and pin back.

9. Pin the access hair down into the bun.

Et Voila!

Questions? Ask here for advice from Mara!