Dry Shampoo 101

We asked our Brand Ambassador and Advanced Stylist Jackson Simmonds all about dry shampoo, here’s what he had to say: Purpose: Dry Shampoo can be used for absorbing excess oil from the scalp, odors that the hair collects, and adding texture to slick or lifeless ends. Everyone should know that when using most dry shampoos, the hair is going to feel a bit chalky, stiff, but also pliable. When the dry shampoo is absorbing the hair oils it is also making the hair matte. Application: The application should be at arms length to avoid powdery residue. If you apply it too close you may be left with a white, powdery or filmy residue on the hair. Ideally you should never be able to see that a person has applied dry shampoo to their hair. Usage: Use as often as you think you need it, only a little at a time. I suggest using it on a weekly basis instead of daily to avoid follicular build up. Dos & don'ts: Do use on day 2 and after blowouts to eliminate odors, lift the roots and bring hair back to life. Products we recommend: IMO, 24k by Sally Hershberger, and Dear Valley by R + Co. For appointments with Jackson click here.