Evelyn Castro Talks Hair Styling, Inspiration and Baking!

This #WisdomWednesday, we learn more about one of Julien Farel’s most popular employees. If you have ever visited the Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa, chances are likely that you were greeted with a smile by Evelyn Castro. Evelyn has been working at the Julien Farel Group for eleven years. She is the first stop of the Julien Farel experience. She welcomes guests and gets them settled in and ready for the luxury beauty services that await them.

1. What’s your favorite part of working at Julien Farel Group?

At Julien Farel Group, the team and clientele are made up of a lot of different cultures. I love learning about the different ways of the world through people at the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa. It is always fun to learn how to say hello in different languages! We even had an international potluck amongst the staff where we all brought in a different dish of our cultures. We were able to experience food that is important to different cultures and learn about different traditions of one another.

2. What’s your favorite Julien Farel product?

My favorite Julien Farel product is the Julien Farel Flexible Paste. I use it for my short hair and it works so well! It’s easy to use, it doesn’t leave any residue and it gives me the smooth and clean finish that I want. I think it’s the best product for women with a pixie cut like mine. Fixing my hair usually takes me about 5 minutes. I start by combing my hair back. Then, I section my hair and start applying the Flexible Paste. I start with my hands, and as I go, I use the comb to give that sleek and wet look I always go for.

3. What’s your favorite Julien Farel service?

Because my hair is my priority, I love to get my hair cut and styled by Lucie! I admire her passion for hair and I’m obsessed with her unique Rock and Roll style! That, as well as other hair services, like hair coloring and the De-Frizz Quick treatment by Rudy Pena, I always keep my hair looking chic with an edge.

4. What are you most known for?

I love to design and bake professional cakes! To me, baking is an art form. I could spend hours in the kitchen creating a themed cake for a family party, a birthday or even to bring to work! I get a lot of my inspiration for cakes from the salon & spa. The creativity is so alive throughout the space with such a talented team. The clients that come to the salon all dressed-up for a party or leave wearing a beautiful wedding gown inspire me a lot. I also love to make Dominican food! I come from the Dominican Republic and food is a very important factor in our culture. So for me, cooking is how I preserve my culture and how I travel back home. I don’t want to brag but everyone loves my cooking!

5. Who is your style icon?

I don’t think I have one specific style icon; I usually take my inspiration from different things, like people that I meet or places I go to. Sometimes I even take inspiration from clients that come into the salon, or from the creations of my coworkers. I don’t like to copy trends, I like to adapt them so they fit my style and personality. In other words, I just like to be myself!