Everything You Need to Know About Keratin

If you have generally unmanageable curly frizzy hair, there is nothing more liberating than getting out of the shower and cutting your styling time by half. Whether it is taking a break from heat styling, taming frizz or waking up to smooth silky strands, Keratin treatments are an ultra seductive and surprisingly sensible solution. People often shy away from Keratin Treatments for a multitude of reasons: chemical exposure, treatment process, maintenance, potential risks and rewards just to mention a few. Many associate Keratin Treatments with the false belief that it is damaging or only for curly-headed women when in fact, Keratin Treatments can do restorative work on various types of encompassing frizzy, wavy, curly and even coarse hair textures. With innovation in high gear within the beauty industry, safer and more efficient Keratin Treatments are available to achieve a variety of coveted beauty results. To understand Keratin Treatment, it is important to know that hair is made of keratin protein, so Keratin Treatments essentially restore natural proteins back into the hair whilst altering the texture and frizziness of hair. Keratin acts both as an external protective protein on the cuticle (the outer layers of a hair strand) and as an internal structural protein in the cortex (the inner core of the hair that helps determine its strength). Modern beauty routines often include heatstyling, which damages Keratin levels daily, so protecting against physical, chemical and environmental exposure is vital for healthy hair. The Keratin treatment process is pretty straightforward. First, it starts with a clarifying shampoo, then the application of the Keratin treatment, heat to infuse the treatment to the hair and some wait time. After that, it depends on what type of Keratin Treatment, but it’s either finished with a fabulous blowout (like at Julien Farel for some treatments) or a head of flatironed hair that can’t be touched for three days. The risk comes when the stylist uses heat incorrectly or formulates the wrong formula for your hair so research the options carefully. In terms of maintenance, Keratin treatments are not permanent and will wash out eventually; most treatments last six to eight weeks or extend up to six months with hair returning to its natural state afterwards. To prolong the Keratin Treatment, shampoo hair (at max) three times a week and refrain from using shampoos that have sulfates or detergents that bubble. Shampoos that create bubbles contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (aka SLS) which strips hair of the restorative benefits from the Keratin treatment. Julien Farel De-Frizz shampoo and conditioner have the key ingredients to keep post Keratin treated hair smooth and manageable. Also, De-Frizz Restore is the hair treatment used in the De-Frizz Quick Treatment so be sure to use the hair treatment at least once a week to keep frizz at bay. Also, be aware of the effects of saltwater and chlorine but if swimming is a crucial, coat the hair with protective cream or oil prior to hitting the beach or pool. On another note, the majority of keratin treatments do in fact contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many household products. However, there are formaldehyde-free Keratin experiences, so be sure to research treatment options when making an appointment. Julien Farel features a formaldehyde-free Keratin treatment called De-Frizz Quick Treatment to eliminate frizz while maintaining the best of your natural hair texture (a must try for all of those interested in Keratin). Choose a reputable salon with a long list of possible Keratin Treatments, it is important to pick and consult a stylist that best suits hair needs. De-Frizz Treatment For those who could do with a lot less frizz to enhance the best features of our natural hair, the De-Frizz treatment is exactly what you need. Summer humidity and the absence of heat styling present a constant battle for the desired look, this treatment will cut blow dry time in half while leaving manageable curls or waves minus the unwanted frizz. Hair will instantly feel more hydrated with unparalleled restorative results. The De- Frizz Quick Treatment, created by Julien Farel's Curl & De-Frizz Specialist Rudy Pena, takes one and a half hours including the blow dry. Unlike other treatments, there is no wait time for washing your hair, it last 6-8 weeks, and guess what? It is Formaldehyde free! Book an appointment at Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa for this incredible service for $300 (with the blowout included)! This service can be done by the following Julien Farel staff: Rudy Pena, Jackson Simmonds, Jeremy Carta. Keratin Treatment Looking to kick the frizz and welcome both calm and straighter hair? It’s time to try the Keratin Treatment. This two-and-a-half-hour process seals Keratin proteins into the cuticle and leaves clients with a tamed and flatter look for the next three to six months. In order to ensure the Keratin deeply infuses all areas of the hair for a longer lasting look, clients must wait 72 hours before their first wash after the treatment. Instead of the countless dollars you would waste on products that “claim” to eliminate frizz, visit the Julien Farel salon for this $550-dollar treatment that will really put an end to your tangled troubles. This service can be done by the following Julien Farel staff: Keith Axberg, Olivia Beyer, Jeremy Carta, Steven Fernandes, Rudy Pena, and Danielle Pfeiffer. Brazilian Blowout Ready to put curls in their place and take back control of hair with a straighter look? This calls for a Brazilian Blowout! This treatment reduces curls dramatically without the commitment of going the Japanese Straightening route. Hair will be left instantly more manageable, leaving you with effortlessly soft waves that once followed your trips to the salon. The Brazilian Blowout is a two-hour process and costs $550 at Restore, with no wait time prior to the next wash. Enjoy the silky hair and benefits of this treatment for nearly three to four months afterwards. Unlike the Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout takes more of the curl out. The treatment does not take the curl away fully; there will still be a wave. This service can be done by the following Julien Farel staff: Steven Fernandes and Rudy Pena. Japanese Straightening For those who spend hours with a straightener day after day, it might be time to try Japanese Straightening. This treatment results in perfectly straight silky results, eliminating volume, texture and curl for that look that takes too much time to normally create. While this process is on the lengthier side, lasting up to four hours depending on the length of your hair, the nearly permanent results are more than worth it. Since only new grown hair will not be relaxed, the treatment is only necessary twice a year. Not only is the Japanese Straightening treatment a tremendous time saver, it gives the straight-haired look that would have been otherwise unreachable. This service can be done by the following Julien Farel staff: Mike Liang. The rewards of Keratin treatments strongly outweigh the risks. Depending on the choice of treatment the maintenance can range from six weeks to six months. However, the daily styling will be cut down by 40% to 60%. If the exposure of chemicals is a turn off, there is always the formaldehyde free route of Julien Farel’s De-Frizz treatment. All Keratin treatments leave hair silky, smooth and frizz-free hair with long lasting results.