Irena "Red" Sandker Talks Red Hair Maintenance & Eyebrow Tips!

This #WisdomWednesday, we interview eyebrow extraordinaire and nail technician, Irena “Red” Sandker. Red was deemed her nickname due to her vivacious red hair color and even more lively personality. She shares her eyebrow tips, favorite nail trends and must-have products.

1. What is on trend for eyebrows? I love eyebrows that are full and arched. Cara Delevingne is leading the trend of the power brow. The shape of eyebrows are important because they frame of your face. Just like your hairstyle, your eyebrows can completely change the way that you look. No face is completely symmetrical, so I always try to bring more symmetry to the face through the shaping of the eyebrows. 2. What advice do you have for at-home eyebrow maintenance? I always tell my clients to stay away from the tweezers. If you are going to tweeze, don't over do it – just get the strays. Use eyebrow gel so you are able to see the strays easier. Be careful not to make them too far a part or too thin. It won’t look natural and it will be hard to grow a fuller brow once too much is removed. Stay as natural. 3. What is something people don’t know about you? I'm a workout-aholic! I’m absolutely addicted to working out! I try to do as much exercise as my body allows. I switch up my exercises by running, hitting the gym or even dancing. 4. What’s your favorite Julien Farel product? Julien Farel Vitamin Restore is key for my red hair. Since I color my hair red regularly and red is the hardest color to maintain, I need good products that nourish my hair. Vitamin Restore makes my hair shinier and easier to manage. You can really see the difference in your hair’s health - even the first time I used it! 5. What’s your favorite Julien Farel service to get done? Since I am known for my signature red hair, my favorite service to get is hair color by Lila Carlino! She is a fabulous colorist and keeps my red vibrant. 6. What are your favorite skincare products? I try to use as many products with Vitamins C as I can. The Natura Bisse Vitamin C line is amazing for facials and perfect for daily use in the summer. This line rejuvenates my skin and makes me glow! 7. What is your favorite trend for nails? I love getting funky and bright colors for the pedicure and light, natural manicures. This way, your manicure looks like it lasts longer and you can show off bright colors in sandals or at the beach to match your bathing suit. See more of our #WisdomWednesday series!