#TransformationTuesday: A Crisp Cut & Subtle Color for Autumn Hair

When I think of fall I think of starting new. As autumn approached I began to rethink my hairstyle (as we all should). As I looked for inspiration for my new fall look, two words came to mind: blunt and sleek. I had been sporting beachy surfer waves with highlights this whole summer but I knew that it was time to clean up the look by going for a crisp cut and toning down my highlights in order to accent with my minimalist fall wardrobe.

Before my fall transformation.

The Julien Farel team couldn’t have been a better choice for this transformation. When I arrived to the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa I was greeted with smiles and a glass of white wine (I mean, it doesn’t get better than this). Gynna Cayambe, the colorist, came to my chair to consult on what look I was going for and I told her I wanted to look like Elizabeth Olsen. She smiled and said “you need to clean up your look and cover all the dark spots that are showing through your blonde highlights.”

After getting the color done, I went to get my cut with advanced stylist Alina Novikov. She noticed that I had a shorter cut in the back and longer strands in the front (a la Victoria Beckham a few years ago) but the shape had grown out and now my hair was too long for this style. I told her that she could cut as short as an inch and to get rid of layers. She gave me a straight crisp angular cut that framed my face but didn’t hide it. I left the salon a happy customer and obviously went out to celebrate and show off my new fall look. To book an appointment with Gynna Cayambe (@gynnanyccolorist) or Alina Novikov, click here or email appointments@julienfarel.com/call 212-888-8988.

Fall transformation complete!

Questions about changing your hair to match the season? Ask here for Julien's expert advice!