Q&A: Jeremy Carta, Advanced Colorist

Now that summer is finally over we sat down with Jeremy Carta, Advanced Colorist at Restore Salon & Spa to ask him how we should treat colored hair this fall and his take on gloss vs hair coloring: 1. What are some of the factors that affect your hair during the summer? Sun damage, chlorine, and salt water are just a few factors that take a toll on your hairs color, shine, and condition. 2. How can one keep their hair color from fading post summer damage? The mains effects of the summer on the hair are drying, oxidation, and dullness. A gloss can easily replenish the hair and bring depth and shine back into the hair. 3. Gloss vs color, what’s your take? Color is opaque, and only necessary when covering gray hair or lightening the hair, if gray coverage or achieving a lighter shade isn't an issue, stick to gloss! Gloss provides translucent shine, depth and dimension without the use of harsh chemicals. 4. How often should a person with colored hair get a gloss? Every 4-6 weeks. 5. What shampoo do you recommend for colored hair? Julien Farel Vitamin Shampoo, it is color safe and will bring out your best shine! For appointments with Jeremy Carta click here.