Gynna Cayambe Talks Balayage, Inspiration and Social Media

This #WisdomWednesday learn about color trends, hair fixes and career advice from one Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa colorist, Gynna Cayambe, named as one of 18 NYC Colorists Who Will Change Your Hair Forever by Refinery 29.

1. What is your favorite hair trend right now? My favorite trend for the summer is going blonder. I think summer means brighter. For hair, brighter means blonder. My favorite way to go blonder is with a balayage. This technique allows you to keep part of your natural hair color and incorporate new lighter tones to create brightness and give movement. It’s a fabulous fix for the perfect summer look! 2.What’s your favorite part of working at Julien Farel Group? I think the best part of working at Julien Farel Group is the way they develop your skills. I’m from Ecuador and studied at the Aveda Institute. My first job out of school was as a colorist assistant at Julien Farel Salon. When Abby Haliti joined the company, I absolutely loved her balayage color technique and requested to be her assistant so I can learn as much as possible from her. She became my mentor and is a huge reason for why I am known for my hair painting today! 3. What career advice do you have for hairdressers starting out? Update your social media and learn about different hairdresser apps and digital platforms out there. When I transitioned from color assistant to junior colorist, I had to start my digital adventure onto LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Remember the power of Google! If you search for me on Google, you will see all of my work because I stay super active on Facebook, Pinterest and Linked in! When I first meet someone at the salon and they are curious about my work, I simply say “Google me!” The biggest way that I have grown my career is to seize any opportunity that comes my way. I try to target the right women to get into my chair and invite them in. And, always… stay passionate! My passion for beauty is what drives me. 4. Where do you get your color inspiration from? I love Gisele Bundchen’s hair. I’m obsessed with her blonde dimensional color! I also get my inspiration from looking at children’s hair color. I adore how they have their own natural sun-kissed highlights. I love the natural look, but also enjoy doing a fun vibrant color! 5. Provide one tip to fixing a bad hair day instantly. The best way to fight a bad hair day is with a bun! Buns work for any occasion and every season, meaning that you will never go wrong with it. Additionally, a messy bun is the perfect effortless chic look for the summer. 6. What is something people don’t know about you? I love cooking! I especially like creating meals without following recipes. With Ecuadorian roots, I love to make Hispanic food and could spend hours in the kitchen coming up with a dish that incorporates everything I have in my fridge. As you can tell, I love working with my hands to create! 7. What’s your favorite Julien Farel product? My favorite Julien Farel products are the De-frizz family, especially the De-Frizz Restore. This is a must-have product for the summer because frizz is so hard to fight during the season. Apart from taming the frizz, De-Frizz Restore also leaves hair soft and silky. 8. What’s your favorite Julien Farel service to get done? I love to get my nails done with Red or Bibi! Because I work with my hands, it is necessary to maintain my nails and these girls are perfect for the job! They are great with shaping and giving my nails a natural and healthy look. Also, they give amazing hand massages! See more of Gynna’s work. Follow @gynnanyccolorist to see everyday hair inspiration.