Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Shab

Have you seen influencer Billie Carroll's hair lately? Well, if you haven't check it out here. Billie's hair stylist and Great Lengths hair extensions specialist Shab Aghajani is responsible for giving her those sexy long locks. We sat down with Shab to talk about the hair extensions process and what it was like to work with Billie: 1. Why should anyone get hair extensions? Hair extensions can play a much larger part in our appearance than most realize. Extensions can be used for more than just adding length. For those who want more hair, ‘padding' is a technique used to thicken the hair all around excluding the very top. You can even enhance your hair color. Ombre extensions can keep you color current and highlight your hair without any bleach damage. There are even pastel or bright colors that can’t always be achieved naturally. 2. What is the application process like? Great Lengths is a fusion method that uses a synthetic keratin that bonds to your hair. It is a strand-by-strand application that allows for full mobility and a seamless blend. Padding can take around 2 hours and a full lengthening and thickening service can take an average of 4 to 5 hours. There is no maintenance and they can last anywhere from 3-4 months depending on your hair type. 3. How was it working with Billie? Working with Billie was a delight. She has great hair naturally but the longer we grow our hair the less thick and full it can appear. I performed a padding service for Billie and enhanced her length and added blond ombre pieces to give her more pop through her ends. I began her process by cutting her own hair to make it healthy and ready to have extensions for three months. I proceeded by applying her Great Lengths extensions all throughout. Once they were all applied, I cut the extensions to blend and move seamlessly with her hair. I finished by putting soft waves in her hair using a large curling iron and the results could fool anyone! 4. What is the difference between getting volume vs. length with extensions? Can you get both in one application? The main difference between getting volume and just lengthening the hair is the amount of hair used to achieve each look. Lengthening always requires more hair, as you want the entire extended length to be full and softly layered so it moves naturally. Some might only require volume/thickening in the front or the back. I can completely customize this service, as the pieces are so small that I have complete control of what I add in. 5. How should one take care of their hair extensions post application? The only maintenance required for Great Lengths extensions is daily brushing at the roots to keep the bonds separated and tangle free. This is an often overlooked and significant part of the whole experience. The more diligent you are with the brushing the more you benefit from the extensions. It is also critical to use sulfate free shampoo and to avoid using heavy moisturizers or oil based products at the root of the hair where the keratin bond is. 6. How long should one come in for check ups? The only recommended check up is two weeks after application for me to make any necessary adjustments with the length. I also check that you are properly brushing the extensions at the root to keep them smooth and tangle free. 7. How long can you keep hair extensions on? Great Lengths extensions can be worn for as long as three to four months depending on your hair type. Hair that is more fragile and sensitive should only have extensions for the minimum of three months and stronger and more coarse hair can have the extensions in for around four months. At the end of the whole process, you can remove the existing extensions and replace them with new ones right away to maintain your desired look. Some will chose to maintain extensions until they achieve their desired length with their own hair, others will continue to apply extensions to maintain the thickness/lengths they can not achieve naturally. 8. What is the typical feedback you get from clients after they have gotten hair extensions? The feedback is what makes me love my job. Your hair plays such a big part in your daily life and it can be empowering to feel more thickness or length in your hair. My clients walk out with an extra pep in their step and with their heads held high from the confidence they instantly gain. Most of my clients continue doing the extensions for years as the way I educate them and apply the extensions ensures there is zero damage to your hair. The possibilities are endless and I always inspire my clients to change or try something new. For appointments with Shab click here.