Hair Glossary

Hair has three different textures: fine, medium, and coarse. We have created a "Hair Glossary" to definite each of these hair types: FINE Fine hair is defined by the diameter of the hair. Due to its delicate nature, fine hair is extra fragile and prone to breakage. Often, fine hair is confused with thin hair but it is important to note that fine hair can be sparse or abundant. The texture of fine hair is often baby soft and silky. Most hair products weigh down the texture of fine hair, which exacerbates its natural tendency to fall flat. Fine hair can be naturally straight or wavy and if you have been coloring your fine hair for a long period of time, hair may feel brittle and limp from the long terms effects of chemical processing. MEDIUM Medium is the most common type of hair texture and the texture of medium is more resilient than fine hair and usually plentiful on the scalp. The spectrum of medium hair ranges from straight to wavy. After years of color processing medium hair may be very dry and damaged and needs more nourishment and hydration. COARSE Hair that is coarse is strong and thick. Since it is the most resilient hair texture, it can tolerate and sometimes resist damage from heat, color processing and chemical processing.