Hair How-To: Bouffant Braid

By Kevin Lee, Hair Designer Step 1: Starting with wavy or curled hair, prepare the hair for texture by adding a small amount of Julien Farel Sculpting Gloss to the hair. Using a teasing brush, backcomb the waves to achieve tousled, voluminous body. Step 2: Using your brow arches as guideline for width, gather a section of hair on top of the head and clip it aside. Step 3: Take a small section of hair from behind the clipped section on top of the head and begin Dutch braiding it. While adding pieces of hair to this braid, pull them tight against the scalp. As you braid, pull previous stitches of the braid to loosen it. Continue doing this all the way down to the ends of the hair. It should appear thick and voluminous as you loosen the stiches, but the sides of the head should appear tight. Secure the very bottom of the braid with a snag-free elastic. Step 4: Unclip the separated section of hair on top of the head. Tease it until it has reached the desired volume. Keeping the pouf, gently pull this section of hair back and secure it with a bobby pin just over the start of the braid. Tuck the remaining loose ends into the braid and hide with a bobby pin. Step 5: To finish the look, apply a small amount of Julien Farel Smooth Crème to the sides of the head to tame fly-aways and add shine.