Heat, Humidity, and Hair: Styling in the Summer

We all wish there was an easy answer to keeping our hair completely frizz-free, bouncy, and smooth during the grueling summer months. The whole summer doesn’t have to be a string of bad hair days, though. Even when it’s muggy and humid, and you feel the sweat drip down your back, your hair can still look gorgeous. The number onething I suggest for taming your mane is keeping it in its natural state whenever possible. When you try to force your hair to do something it is not meant to do, your hair always wins. Amplifying your natural look can make all the difference when it’s 95 degrees and climbing. Straight hair: If your hair is straight, don’t bother with a curling iron because straight, fine hair tends to fall right out of any artificial curl. Your hair will become limp and lifeless in about five minutes. Instead, add a little dry shampoo to dry hair and rough it up a little to add volume. Spritz with a light, flexible hold hairspray. Wavy/Curly hair: If your hair is wavy or curly, go au-natural. Chances are, your natural texture is beautiful; it just needs a little help. First, as soon as you finish showering, flip your head over and “towel dry” using a cotton t-shirt. Then, scrunch in a soft-touch flexible hold gel all over your wet hair and let it air dry. If your hair needs a boost once dry, wrap a few sections of it around a curling wand to enhance the natural look. If wearing your hair down is absolutely NOT an option, try the following ideas! Headbands: Headbands are awesome. They tame fly-aways, keep your hair off your face and back, and they even serve as a fashion outlet. Plus, there are SO MANY varieties to play with. By simply adding a headband, it helps control your hair while also showing off a stylish accessory. Braids: Another great way to keep your hair up, sweat-proof, and frizz-free. Braiding hair allows you smooth the top while also keeping volume. Braids are quick, easy, and elegant. You can fluff them for a tousled look, or you can smooth them back for stylish and sleek elegance. Best of all, braids are extremely versatile: a braid works well for a day at the beach, and looks fashionable for a night on the town. Chignons: Buns, topknots, and chignons are perfect in the summer. Messy chignons styles are great for a casual vibe, whether your hair is naturally curly or straight. Loosely pulling the hair back suppresses the tendency of uncontrollable frizz, but still keeps the appearance of your natural texture. To achieve a sophisticated and polished try combing your hair back into a tight loop. These chic do's will be sure to beat the heat for any occasion, no matter what this summer has in store.