Get the Look: The Rope Braid

Still not sure how you're wearing your hair for New Year's Eve? The key to great New Year's hair is a style that's fun, unique and can last through a night of dinner, drinks and dancing. Senior Stylist, Keith Axberg, shows how to create the rope braid: a mystery to many, but an oh-so-simple way to look chic before, during and after the stroke of midnight.

1. Secure hair at the nape of the neck with an elastic and separate into two sections.

2. Twist the two sections in the same direction.

3. Cross the sections over each other opposite the direction that you twisted each section.

4. Continue to cross the sections over each other while maintaining the twist in each section.

5. Secure at the bottom with an elastic.

6. Jazz it up by gently tugging each tier of the rope braid to give it more volume.

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