Jackson Simmonds Talks Creativity, Sleek Hairstyles and Hair Comebacks!

This #WisdomWednesday learn about comeback hair trends, sleek hairstyles and blowouts from one of Julien Farel’s advanced stylists, Jackson Simmonds. 1. What is your favorite hair trend right now? My favorite hair trend right now is the disconnected cuts for men, which are short on the side and long on the top. It reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier in the 90's! It is a very fashionable cut, easy to style and almost everybody can wear it. These cuts go hand-in-hand with undercuts, which is great for girls who want an edgier modern, short hairstyle. 2. What’s your favorite part of working at Julien Farel? My favorite part is the opportunity the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa gives me to create beautiful things in different settings! Working with so many creative people is very inspiring to my work. As a brand ambassador, I go to press events and retailers like Bergdorf Goodman for hair consultations and hair styling since our haircare line is sold on the beauty floor there. I love going there not only to connect with our haircare consumer, but also to get inspiration from the Bergdorf displays and style. Looking at fashion helps me understand what I should be doing in terms of hair styling, length and color. Spending time there is one of definitely one of my favorite parts of my job. 3. What career advice do you have for hairdressers starting out? Stay humble! Never think you know it all, because it is impossible to know everything that this industry has to offer. So keep in mind that to be a good hairdresser, you always have to remain teachable. 4. What question do clients ask you the most about hair and what do you answer? My clients always ask me how they can recreate my work at home, especially when it comes to blowouts. The good news is that I have lots of tips because I teach blowout lessons! I'll also give them a session of quick tips they could use to get the perfect blowout at home. 5. Who is your style icon and why? Male wise, my style icon would be Tom Ford. I think he embodies classic glamour and sex appeal with a unique and signature style. Female wise, my hair muse is Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton. She’s got THE hair. I just love it! 6. Provide one tip to fixing a bad hair day instantly. The best way to fix a bad hair day will always be a braid or a ponytail. It’s the best and simplest thing you could do. Just start by adding a little Flexible Paste to smooth everything, them slick it all back and grab the pony or do the braid. It’s très, très chic! I will also say to add red lipstick, a pair of sunglasses and your ready to go. 7. What is something people don’t know about you? I finish a marathon in Dublin, Ireland on 2007. I'm so proud of it! It was 26.2 miles marathon sponsored by the Leukemia Society and it took us 6 hours to finish it because we kept stopping at pubs along the way. 8. What’s your favorite Julien Farel product? My favorite Julien Farel product is the Flexible Paste. I like it because it’s versatility and sculpting capabilities. It is the best product you’ll ever find to make the perfect slick pony. It is also great for short curly hairstyles and pixie cuts! It is great to give the hair volume and it doesn’t leave any residue. 9. What’s your favorite Julien Farel service to get done? My favorite service will be a Restore treatment from Jeremy Carta. He gives phenomenal scalp massages! It is the perfect service because it’s great for your hair and it works as a relaxation experience! Restore is one of the things that helps me keep the hair that I have. 10. What are you best known for at Julien Farel? My scarfs! I always have a Hermès scarf or a pocket square on. It’s my signature look. "Like" us on Facebook for more #WisdomWednesdays! Interested in a career at the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa? We are hiring color assistants and client liaisons. Email your resume and cover letter to sgoldberg@julienfarel.com.