Becoming #JulienFarelified: Haircut Techniques with Miguel Estrada

Since joining Julien Farel in September 2013, I have gone through a transformation in my look. I have seen similar transformations in many others who frequent the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa or Julien Farel Fifth Avenue. I call it being "julienfarelified."

(From left to right: When I first came the the salon with style by Atsuko Tanaka; Bangs cut by Miguel Estrada; Haircut by Lucie Ducrot; Haircut by Lucie Ducrot; Haircut by Andre Davis; Haircut by Diego Miranda) The one similarity with all of these haircuts are that they are low maintenance. I have never been one to style my hair - a wash-and-go type of girl. Before every cut, I have always told each stylist to cut in a way that I could roll out of bed, barely touch my hair and walk out the door. Once I reached short hair, I knew I was never turning back. For my latest cut, I took inspiration from Julianne Hough, who always has the perfect short style. Of course, I need to be realistic in my asks. I am not blonde, our hair textures are different and I won't be styling my hair daily. So, I sought the expertise of Education Director, Miguel Estrada, for my new cut.

Here, Miguel will walk you through how to create a similar cut for a low-maintenance lady like myself without making my hair look to bowl-ish. (My hair texture loves to naturally shape itself into a mushroom.)

The before.

First things first: Line it up!

Texturize and deconstruct.


Final touches.

And here is the final look.

I love the results! The length is perfect and I feel like my hair looks best when I wear it in its natural state. Most importantly my hair never, ever looks bowl-ish or too perfect.

Questions on technique or changing your look? Ask here and Miguel will give you his expert advice.