Master Trainer Christine de Almeida Gives Nutrition Tips & Workout Advice!

This #WisdomWednesday get workout advice and nutrition tips from master trainer Christine de Almeida, your not-so-average French fitness fanatic.

1. What is your favorite workout trend right now?

I believe in implementing variety of training while working the body 360 degree. The key to a successful workout is gaining strength, endurance, flexibility and eating the right nutrients in order to empower body function, mobility, and longevity. Challenging your comfort zone makes you strong and efficient. Always try to be open-minded about new workouts. Challenge your mind and body.

2. What’s your favorite part of working at Julien Farel?

I can really witness how everyone at the salon is always trying to improve themselves – salon and clients alike! Whether it is improving their confidence with the perfect haircut or bettering their health through fitness and spa treatments, everyone is really improving upon their wellness with every service. The staff is always seeking to enhance their craft and that’s why I think the Julien Farel team is a genuine and solid team! Another great part of working at Julien Farel is that we are the Official Stylists to the US Open Tennis Tournament. In fitness, it is key to not have to worry about your hair during sports. The salon and spa team gets the tennis players camera-ready to hit the courts with one less thing to worry about!

3. What career advice do you have for professional trainers starting out?

There are four things that every trainer needs to have in order to succeed – to be open-minded, disciplined, reliable, and never stop learning. Living with this mentality will definitively bring you opportunities to change people's life and reach a level of expertise that will empower your skills. Being passionate and being true to yourself are also a very important part of achieving success!

4. What are you looking for when you train someone?

First off, you should be keeping in mind that everyone comes with a story and you must be understanding. Observing people' s personality and needs are extremely important! I mainly look for reliable and committed people. Some of my clients travel a lot for work throughout the year so I ensure they get an individualized training program which allow them to maintain their fitness level. I do what I preach. It is very important to be sustainable and loyal to yourself. Being consistent and we will achieve your goals. I push my clients smartly, gently and efficiently. That’s my philosophy!!

5. What question do clients ask you the most and what do you answer?

My clients are always asking me about nutrition. I usually give them a few tips on how to maintain a balance diet. Luckily, I’ll become a coach nutritionist by the beginning of 2016, so I’ll be able to create complete nutrition plans for my clients. I don’t believe in dieting. I believe in eating with moderation and substituting heavy carbs like pasta or pizza with quinoa or nuts and avoiding any type of processed food or pasteurized beverage. It is all about quality instead of quantity!

6. What’s your favorite Julien Farel service to get done?

Our aesthetician Kety did remarkable work on my eyebrows! She completely changed the shape of them. When I arrived at the salon, people were always telling me how my eyebrows were so thin and that I should go see Kety. Eyebrows can really frame your face and I have already received positive feedback on them!

7. Who is your life icon and why?

I don' t really have a specific icon in my mind right now but I really like the French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre. He really emphasize the fact of enjoying what we have now and to live by today, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I live and train by his words, knowing that I should focus on what I have now and maximize it to 110%. He makes me believe in philosophy and in people. I think every person I train should read his book Existentialism and Humanism. Your mind set will surely empower!

8. What is the most common misconception about working out?

Women have this misconception that if they work with weights, they will become bulky. What you will get from working out with weight is improving bone density, your quality of life, increasing the strength of connective tissue and muscles. Training and exercising the right way, will definitively bring you a different perspective on how to utilize weight training. Your body is your temple. Be kind to yourself!