Met Gala Hair DIY: Gigi Hadid's Ponytail

Gigi Hadid had a gorgeous low pony tail at the Met Gala and we couldn't resist but as our Hair Designer Lucie Ducrot to show us how to do it. Here are the steps on how to accomplish this chic and sleek hair style: 1.Comb through clean dry hair to get rid of any knots. Then take a section at front and pin to top of head to separate from rest of your hair. 2.Take rest of your hair and apply small amount of hair mousse, and brush through. Then, make a very tight ponytail. 3.Take small sections of ponytail and start straightening your hair with a flat iron. Make ponytail hair as straight as possible. 4.Take the front section of hair and apply hair mousse then brush through. Make side part and bring it towards back of your head. 5.Start pinning the front piece of hair from the side part with large hairpins to keep it flat. Then take that small piece of hair and wrap around ponytail. 6.Take the hairpins out and voila! The look is complete. Use hairspray to secure your look. *View the video tutorial on KnowMe and don't forget to follow @JulienFarel on the KnowMe app!