Natura Bisse's Beauty Lovers Day

For the third consecutive year, Natura Bisse celebrates Beauty Lovers Day on April 21, a day dedicated to love. Similar to Valentine’s Day in the U.S, Saint George’s Day is celebrated in Barcelona, Natura Bisse’s hometown, every April 23rd. The backstory of this holiday is that St. George, a knight, rescued a princess from a dragon and then a rose sprang up where the blood flowed from the dragon’s body which he gave to the princess. As part of this holiday’s celebration, men give a rose to women and women give the men a book as a representation of love and care for one another. This romantic tale relates to the brand’s ethos because its founder Ricardo Fisas is a passionate man who built the company Natura Bisse with love and managed to slew every dragon that crossed his path and reinvent himself. Fisas autobiography book “Brushstrokes Of A Life Time”, tells his story in an intimate way and shares his company’s secrets for success. Julien Farel is a proud partner of Natura Bisse and earlier this week hosted a 2-day Beauty Lovers Day event at Restore Salon & Spa where we welcomed influencers and editors to receive a Signature Facial by a Natura Bisse aesthetician. Each guest was able to experience the facial with Natura Bisse’s limited edition Diamond Extreme cream that was created exclusively to celebrate Beauty Lover’s Day. In addition, they also received a rose and a copy of Fisas’ autobiography book. Photos taken by various influencers during the event: