Here's To 2015: Getting A Major Hair Upgrade For The New Year

"New Year, New You" might seem like a cheesy catchphrase to some, but there's truly no better time than the present for self improvement. To start things right, you're probably thinking of purging your home and setting lofty career goals. So, why not give an upgrade to your look too?
Determined to make 2015 the best one ever, I hit up Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in hopes of elevating my hairdo. I want to feel like my best self both inside and out, and Stylist Director Kevin Lee is the perfect person to help with the first part. I've been sporting a chic Sassoon-inspired cut he did for months — It still looked very chic and was getting a constant stream of compliments, but I was ready for something a bit edgier.
Since Kevin has completely won me over with his brilliant work last time, I was more than comfortable to have him take my look to new dramatic heights. My job in fashion and lifestyle editorial has acquainted me with his impressive background and body of work. He's collaborated with Michael Kors and Vogue contributing editor Marina Rust — all industry luminaries I've long admired. If the cream of the crop was more than satisfied with what he's done, I was confident that he can create a look that can potentially change my whole year.
After a relaxing hair wash in the leather upholstered massage chairs (always nice after a long day), it's time to go on the cutting chair. Kevin and I both pride ourselves as people with strong visions, so we both had our own ideas about how my haircut should look. However, there's nothing I love more than discussing what we have in mind and finding that perfect middle ground. He's always happy to explain his inspiration and would also respect my opinion.
After finding a happy medium we were both comfortable with, he worked his magic and gave me the most drastic asymmetrical bob, ever. I have somewhat of an angular jaw, so the cut was tailored to emphasize that. From the back, my ends on the left was right below the ear and gradually extended to shoulder-length on the right, forming a clean, swopping line. I often wear hats in the winter, so the bangs were shorter and layered to better fit my styling needs.
With a mane this cool, I just can't help but exude confidence and feel extremely ready for any adventure the next 12 months will bring. I look very youthful — almost a bit too childlike — for my age, and at times that would negatively impact how I'm treated professionally. Kevin's new creation has made me look more grown-up — a more sophisticated version of myself that I had always wanted to become. If I ended up getting a promotion or making more personal strides this year, I'll know who to thank.
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