Q&A: Jeffrey Yabut, Master Barber & Men's Specialist

What were the top men’s hair trends from this year’s US OPEN? Short to mid length hairstyles were trending for this year’s US OPEN. It is a must that men tennis players wear hairstyles that not only looks great but also is comfortable for them on and off the court. For example, Roger Federer likes his hair to be mid length that slightly touches his ears with a Nike headband. When he’s off the court, his hair is free flowing with a lot of texture. Novak Djokovic likes his hair short around the ears so that it doesn’t bother him while he’s on the court. His hairstyle is so short that it is very easy for him to manage and style with a small amount of product. What hairstyle do you recommend to men to maintain their hair sleek during humid and hot summer days? During the hot and humid days of summer, I recommend men to wear their hair on the shorter end for any hairstyle. Tapered sides with shorten length and texture on top is always a great look for the summer time. The hair will be easy to manage and style with small amount of light product that will make you feel very comfortable in the hot weather. What Julien Farel product is a must-have for any guy? The JF Flexible Paste is a must have for any guy at any time of the year. The amount of product you apply can determine the amount of hold is needed for your hair. For a person that prefers a light hold, only apply less than a dime size. For a person that needs a lot of hold; apply a quarter size or more. What was it like cutting the #1 player in the world’s hair? Novak Djokovic is a very nice and funny guy. In the mist of his semi-final match, he showed up for his haircut with confidence and ease. He really enjoys what he does and shows great composure under pressure. Which tennis player are you looking forward to cutting the hair in the future? I would like to meet and cut Stan Wawrinka’s hair. Stan's hairstyle looks creative and comfortable at the same time. For appointments with Jeffrey Yabut click here.