Q&A: Stefana Marinescu, Men's Grooming Specialist & Advisor

Many men are interested in taking better care of their skin, but have no idea how to do so. What are some first steps men can take that want to start a skin care routine? Well it depends on many things. First they need to start with nutrition, which is very important. You can put whatever you want on the surface of your skin but if you are not healthy on the inside then you will not see results. Second, I think it is so important to wash your face at night. I always recommend face wash for sensitive skin. What are some ways you can tell what skin type you are? I think the easiest way is to blot your forehead with a piece of paper and if you have oily skin, you will see the excess oil on the paper. If your skin is dry, it will feel tight or flakey. Also, many people have combination skin. Sometimes you could have oily skin on your forehead and dry cheeks or nose. What is an easy step-by-step skin care regimen for today’s busy man? Wash your face at night and then splash with cold water to tighten the pores!! And also a hydrating spray is so easy to use for the man on the go. I love the sprays with vitamin C or just the water sprays like the one Evian makes. What are some daily lifestyle changes you can make to improve the appearance of your skin? Drink tons of water. Drinking water is the best thing we can do for our skin. Sleep is also very important. The best sleep is before midnight, so go to bed early. Stress is also very hard on the skin so finding ways to de-stress is key. The last thing is to always smile. I believe every time you smile you loose a wrinkle. Happiness is the secret! What is the best service at JF Men you would recommend for the man who wants to start taking care of his skin? I would first start with analyzing the skin and choose the best treatment for the individual. I would always start with something gentle. Usually the biggest difference between someone with healthy looking skin, and tired looking skin is how hydrated their skin is. How often should men use moisturizer? What Moisturizer do you recommend? I recommend only using moisturizer in the morning only unless you have very dry skin, then I would use at night as well. Putting chamomile tea bags on the face at night for a few minutes is something I like to recommend to calm the skin for sleep. I think that Cetaphil is a very gentile and inexpensive product that can work for anyone. Have you seen an increase in the amount of interest for men’s skin care today? I think men are more exposed to the importance of skin care nowadays. I remember 20 years ago when I worked at a hotel spa, men would not want to be seen walking into a spa. They thought it was only for ladies. That has always shocked me about the US. In Romania where I’m from, men get facials and manicures then go back to work driving tractors. I think the US is changing though; it may be because the culture is becoming more health conscious. What is your favorite part about working for JF Men? I love working with people and making them look and feel their best! For appointments with Stefana Marinescu click here.